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This policy is valid as of April 28th, 2012.

The contents, testimonials, and endorsements on this page abide by standard word of mouth marketing guidelines. Honesty of opinions, relationships, and identity are incorporated in all content. The opinions may have been influenced by compensation, but each of these instances is clearly identified on the web site.

We fully comply with the FTC’s policy that demands will be transparent about any and all affiliate relations we may have on this website. In plain English, our readers/visitors should expect that any and all links found on the site are affiliate links. Once these links are clicked, a resulting page will appear and “if” someone makes a purchase through that link, we get a commission in return.

In addition, we fully disclose that in most cases, hyperlinks are shortened and sometimes cloaked to conceal long and ugly links for functionality and tracking purposes. We have nothing to hide and are proud to maintain a good relationship with our clients. Processes like link tracing, shortening, and cloaking are very common practices on all types of websites.

Even though the owner(s) of this web page may have been compensated, we strive to provide honest opinions at all times. All views and expressed opinions are solely those of the writer. Any statement or testimonial about a product or service should be verified for accuracy.

Endorsements or testimonials on Coxe’s Enterprises sites may have received compensation in the form of free products. This sales page is sponsored or created by an organization, company, or group of organizations.

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